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Boron trifluoride ethylamine
Product Name: Boron trifluoride ethylamine complex
Chinese alias: boron trifluoride ethylamine
CAS Registry Number: 75-23-0
English name: boron trifluoride ethylene complex
Molecular formula: C2H7N.BF3
Molecular weight: 112.89
EINECS: 200-852-5
CAS No. 75-23-0
【 Molecular formula 】 C2H7BF3N
[Molecular Weight] 112.91
Health hazards
This product is a corrosive poison with a tear inducing effect. Oral ingestion and skin contact can cause poisoning due to absorption. It has a strong irritating effect on the eyes, skin, mucous membranes, and upper respiratory tract.
Environmental hazard
Harmful to the environment and can cause pollution to water bodies.
Explosion hazard
This product is flammable, toxic, corrosive, and highly irritating, and can cause burns to the human body.