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Tin chloride
Chinese name: Anhydrous stannous chloride
English name: Tin (II) chlorine
Chinese alias: Tin dichloride, anhydrous; Stannous chloride, anhydrous; Anhydrous tin chloride (II); Tin chloride crystallization; Tin dichloride
CAS RN: 7772-99-8
EINECS number: 231-868-0
Molecular formula: SnCl2
Molecular weight: 189.6149
Dangerous goods label: C: Corrosive
Risk term: R22; R34;
Safety terminology: S26; S36/37/39; S45;
Physical and chemical properties: colorless or white monoclinic crystal system crystal.
Use: used for the determination of silver, arsenic, molybdenum, etc., as well as mordant and reducing agent
Storage: Sealed, cool, and dry.