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Crystalline tin tetrachloride
Product name: crystalline tin tetrachloride
Product Category: Intermediates/Pharmaceutical intermediates
Stannic chloride, pentahydrate
CAS NO: 10026-06-9
Molecular weight: 350.5984
EC NO: 231-588-9
Molecular formula: SnCl4·5H2O
InChI: InChI=1/4ClH.5H2O.Sn/h4*1H; 5*1H2; /q;;;;;;;;; +4/p-4
Specifications: Analytically pure
Packing: 20KG/ barrel
Alias: tin tetrachloride pentahydrate; Crystalline tin tetrachloride
Structural formula:

Properties: white absorbent block crystal, with hydrochloric acid smell, corrosive.

Uses: Synthesis of organotin compounds, is also one of cationic polymerization catalysts.

Specification and content: Analytical purity --------99.0%
Chemical purity --------98.0%
Executive standard: HG3-1286-80 XK13-001-0113-223

Packing: 500gX20 bottles/box, 25Kg cardboard drum.